Joint Mints Instructions and herbal ingredients

Joint Mints for Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis (PSA)

Thank you for your interest in this free trial. 

Yes, this is a genuinely free offer. We’ll send you three bottles of Joint Mints at no charge and – aside from the surveys (which are easy) – there are no strings attached.

And yes – Joint Mints work well for most people.

Results vary, but within 21 days the average user with psoriasis reports a significant reduction in rash, fatigue, and other common symptoms – including joint pain in the case of PSA. Nearly all users are much improved by 42 days. 

That’s because psoriasis symptoms all result from inflammation. Joint Mints relieve that inflammation by combining nine anti-inflammatory herbs in a big lozenge.

It’s a unique product. You may not love the taste (some do) but the net effect for most is a significant and sometimes life-changing reduction in symptoms. What’s even better is that relief is often long-lasting. Most people can dramatically reduce their use of Joint Mints after about six weeks.   

Unfortunately, Joint Mints don’t work equally well for everyone. By completing the surveys you’ll help us better understand how response varies among different users.

The details. 

If you choose to participate you’ll receive three (3) free bottles of Joint Mints in return for completing a series of relatively short surveys – first at baseline and then after having used Joint Mints for 7, 21, and 42 days.

You’ll receive your first bottle of Joint Mints after completing the baseline survey, then a second bottle after the 21 day survey and your third free bottle after the 42 day survey (each bottle contains a 25 day supply – and each follow-up survey takes about 5 minutes). 

Who can participate?

Participants must be U.S. residents, at least 18 years of age, and have doctor-diagnosed* psoriasis, with or without psoriatic arthritis. 

Are there any side effects?

All the herbs in Joint Mints have a thousand year history of safe use and no serious side effects or drug interactions have been reported. As with any medication, some users have reported mild side effects (like nausea, headache or constipation), but those are infrequent and temporary (they usually go away even if you continue using the product).  

Will my information be kept confidential?  

None of your personal information will be shared. Summary information may be shared, but no one will be able to identify you or your specific answers (for example, average results for the entire survey group might be shared.)

Ready to begin?

Please review the label warnings (right column) and medical disclaimer (at bottom) before continuing. 

For additional information see About Joint Mints and Frequently Asked Questions. But if you still have questions, please contact us before continuing. 

When you’re ready to begin – CLICK HERE!

*If you have an autoimmune condition other than psoriasis – then you should review this page and complete this baseline survey.