Joint Mints with Instructions for Use

About Joint Mints

Joint Mints are all-natural, homeopathic (herbal) lozenges for relief of joint pain.

Each lozenge contains a blend of eight herbal extracts (the active ingredients) selected for their high concentration of anti-inflammatory compounds.

How do they work?

Joint Mints work by relieving inflammation, which is the underlying cause of most joint pain.

As the lozenge dissolves it releases actives which are absorbed directly into the bloodstream – through the lining of your mouth.  

What are they for?

Joint Mints relieve most types of joint pain. That’s because even in those conditions labeled ‘non-inflammatory’ (like osteoarthritis) joint pain occurs as the result of an inflammatory process.   

How well do they work?

Average joint pain reduction by the end of one bottle is over 50%, and most people have little or no remaining joint pain after using between one and three bottles of Joint Mints.

Do Joint Mints work for symptoms other than joint pain?

Yes. Joint Mints relieve frequently associated symptoms like joint stiffness, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, even depressed mood. That’s because each associated symptom results, at least in part, from the same underlying inflammatory process. As joint pain diminishes, so do associated symptoms.